Localization Event - Multilingual Synthetic Content powered by AI

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There are few industries that change as quickly as the technology industry and the language and localization services associated with it. Locdcoc 2021 - Masterclass on Multilingual Synthetic Content is here to show you how to use the latest developments to customize your services and offer new and quicker solutions.


Now you may be wondering what synthetic content is. The answer is simple: it’s the future. Artificial Intelligence-based models can now produce and manipulate audiovisuals with an extremely realistic outcome. The result of this process is a new category of images, text, audio, videos, and data generated by algorithms called synthetic media. It’s possible to generate faces and places that don’t exist and even create a digital voice avatar that mimics human speech in several different languages. No, we are not talking about technology that might be available in 10 years. This is a technology that is at our disposal today.


But this isn’t all. Did you know you can, just as easily, create, from a few keywords, full texts as well as personalized voices to fit your needs? All this, powered by Artificial Intelligence, where your creativity is the only limiting factor. Does all this sound interesting to you? Then, you'll definitely want to participate in Locdoc 2021.


This virtual event, in masterclass format, is powered by a team of highly qualified and internationally renowned consultants and experts for the entire localization industry, regardless of whether you are an LSP, LSC, MLV or a freelancer. The goal of this event is to raise awareness on synthetic content and show the localization industry how to take into account this new reality inside their own company.


With charismatic and tech-savvy 45/90 minute online sessions that will show you how to use and apply these new solutions in the most practical way, Locdoc Masterclass will share with you all about:



These topics will be tackled by a handful of speakers in a how-to, interactive format that will show how you can easily transform your old language services into new solutions to help your clients, powered by Artificial Intelligence.


If all this sounds like it could help you or your company and take the much needed next step towards constant growth, then Locdoc 2021 was organized with your needs in mind. This event will take place on November 25, and after this Masterclass you will be able to create videos just like this one:



In case you can’t attend the event on November 25, we have a replay solution for you, just let us know.


Book a ticket now at Locdoc.io!


Mario Junior,

AP I PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions.

Topics: video, translation industry, language industry, guest post, AI, Artificial Intelligence, localization, text-to-video, Multilingual Synthetic Content

Locdoc | Mario Junior

Written by Locdoc | Mario Junior

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