Post jobs on from within BaccS

Are you a translator or team using BaccS business accounting software? The latest release connects the advanced translation project management platform to for job posting.
BaccS business accounting software is an advanced project management platform for freelancers and teams. BaccS freelance edition is available for purchase, or bundled as part of the professional plus and business plus membership packages.

Features available on this update include

  • Post jobs on from within BaccS
  • Clone previous jobs
  • Prepare job postings and publish them later
  • Pre-fill new posts from selected jobs
  • Track vetting status

More than just jobs, BaccS connects to accounts to view and make entries on the BlueBoard and share WiWo entries.

Instructions are available for connecting your account in the BaccS Support Center.

Interested in connecting to your application, or creating your own integrations to access the world's largest community of translators? We would love to hear from you.

Topics: freelancer, membership, project management, integrations, business membership, jobs

Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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