First pro bono translation delivered!

Shout-out to Anna Tribó who has just delivered the first completed translation under our new Pro Bono Project!
An experienced translator from French into Catalan and Spanish, Anna has worked on texts as varied as police reports and food technology in her ten years of translation. She's also done voluntary work before, including work on translations about Indigenous Peoples.
When she saw the advert on ProZ looking for someone to help with the Ma Petite Planète French>Spanish translation mentioned here last week, she responded immediately. What's more, she even delivered the text early.
I passed on her LinkedIn and ProZ details (see below) to the association. One of our policies will be to provide recognition and credit wherever it's due.
Big thanks to Anna for her contribution, enthusiasm and professionalism throughout. With volunteers like this, this project is bound to go places!
Anna's LinkedIn profile  profile

Topics: freelancer, translator

Andrew Morris

Written by Andrew Morris

Coordinator, ProZ Pro Bono

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