powwows: networking with complements

Powwows are informal get-togethers of groups of users living in close proximity. The events are organized by local translators, for local translators.


Here in Ukraine we like getting together with fellow translators and we do it quite often. At powwows we share thoughts and doubts on translation, new translators communicate with established freelancers and get tips on how to better develop their career, newcomers get advice on how to benefit from the website and its membership and those who are already in a good position on the market discuss with colleagues what to do next. 

All this happens in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow translators while visiting new cities of our country, enjoying meals and beer o’clock and having fun!


20180620_101127 supports this trend and has found a way in which members can be rewarded for sharing. 

Thanks to Mike’s initiative, till September 2018 if a powwow attendee decides to purchase the Plus membership package and become a member for the first time, they can put the membership fee towards sharing a meal with fellow attendees, instead of the money going to the websiteWe could also enjoy this offer at the powwow in Dnipro.

During the powwow, attendees discussed prevailing concerns in the translation industry. The most debatable topic was related to machine translation and its impact on the industry. Translators shared their thoughts on whether translation quality suffered from the increasing number of new tools for translators, and whether the changes allowed them to translate better and faster. As a consequence of this discussion another topic arose  setting translation rates and how to negotiate them with clients.


Translators shared their vision of the current situation in the industry, their experience and best practices that may help new and established freelancers develop their translation skills and translation business. Tools for terminology search, tips on payment methods a local translator can use, best ways to organize one’s workplace, how to build a translation team, subtitling in Ukraine and many other topics were discussed that day as well. One of the best parts of the powwow was a conversation where translators shared their life stories to show that translation is not just a business but also a lifestyle.

Time passed by very quickly and we realised that, as it always happens at such events, we didn't want it to end. This was a pleasant feeling that I would like to share with you now.

Join an existing powwow in your area or propose it yourself to enjoy being part of the local community. Until September 2018 you can also join a trend of translator gatherings covered by Here's how it works: when more than 10 translators join the powwow lunch and a new user purchases the Plus membership package for the first time, the membership fee will not be collected by but will be used instead as payment for everyone’s meal at the powwow. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact support and we will be glad to give you a hand. For more information about the offer, check this post.

Happy translating and see you around at one of the powwows!



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Helen Shepelenko

Written by Helen Shepelenko

Helen is the training manager. She has been with since 2009.

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