Surviving cataclysms in the language services industry

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 In the rapidly evolving landscape of translation and interpreting, the advent of Machine Translation (MT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about a cataclysmic shift that requires professionals to adapt and rethink their roles. Claudia Brauer, a distinguished figure in the industry, will be shedding light on this pressing matter during our Pre-ITD Meetup event: Surviving cataclysms in the language services industry. In this blog post, We'll provide you with additional insights about the subject and explain the significance of watching the Meetup.

The Winds of Change

The combination of Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly transformed the way we approach translation and interpreting. The impact of this digital transformation is being felt across the industry, leading us to reconsider the very nature of our work. Claudia Brauer's presentation delves into the intricacies of this paradigm shift, urging us to examine not just what we do, but how, where, and when we do it.


Rethinking Our Profession

The Meetup will be divided into two insightful sections. The first section offers a crystalball view into the immediate future of the translation and interpreting profession. This segment will equip attendees with 18 specific tips for navigating the ever-changing landscape over the next five years. By delving into pertinent statistics, Claudia helps us understand the essence of resilience in the face of constant change.

As a special bonus, the presentation will uncover the underbelly of the new landscape - the expansive realm of large language models and artificial intelligence. This deep dive promises to be enlightening and thought-provoking, providing attendees with a holistic understanding of the technological forces at play.


Interactive Engagement

After the presentation, a live Q&A session with Claudia Brauer provides attendees with the opportunity to seek clarification, delve deeper into specific topics, and engage in stimulating discussions. This direct interaction with an industry expert represents a unique chance to have your burning questions answered and gain valuable insights.

The event culminates in a networking session, allowing attendees to connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and collectively ponder the presented material. This dynamic exchange of perspectives is bound to enrich their understanding and provide a platform for forging meaningful connections within the industry.



 The impending changes brought about by Machine Translation and Artificial Intelligence call for a proactive approach to our profession. Claudia Brauer's Meetup event guides light in these uncertain times, offering concrete strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the midst of this cataclysmic shift. If you're passionate about the future of translation and interpreting, this event is a must-attend.


For those who couldn't attend, you can still access the recording of the Meetup event by following this link.

We extend our gratitude to all who joined us in this transformative event, and we hope the shared insights will continue to shape your career in translation and interpreting.


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Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

Written by Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

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