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Next Thursday, August 10, explore further the marketing strategies that will help you to find new direct clients. In this workshop "Five steps to find direct clients in 2023" hosted by Tess Whitty, you will go through a 5-step process to define, find and market to your ideal direct clients. You will also receive tips on the marketing methods that seem to work best and use them (warm email prospecting, LinkedIn, Website, and Twitter).

Tess Whitty is a successful freelance translator, coach, and writer. Over the past decade, Tess has generously shared her extensive experience and marketing expertise with fellow freelance linguists, empowering them to excel in their careers. She is not only a highly acclaimed online and offline trainer but also an award-winning podcaster and author.

Tess Whitty's journey in the translation industry has been nothing short of inspiring. Drawing from her 17+ years of hands-on experience as a freelance translator, she has combined her exceptional language skills with a professional background in marketing. This unique blend of talents and knowledge has been the foundation of her flourishing 6-figure translation business.

Driven by a passion to help others thrive, Tess has diligently extracted the most crucial ingredients and steps that lead to success in the translation industry. Her insights and guidance are tailored for experienced translators seeking to elevate their businesses further, aiming for six-figure milestones.

From humble beginnings as a freelance translator, Tess Whitty has risen to prominence, becoming a reputable authority in the translation and language industry. Her dedication to sharing knowledge and expertise has earned her a devoted following among aspiring and established linguists alike.

Tess's impact extends beyond her immediate circle of students and followers. She has been a sought-after speaker at numerous industry conferences and events, where her engaging presentations leave a lasting impression on attendees. Through her podcasts, webinars, and publications, she has reached a global audience, leaving a positive influence on the language community.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Tess Whitty is known for her enthusiasm for travel and exploration, which further enriches her understanding of diverse cultures and languages. This love for adventure also spills into her teaching, as she instills the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity among her students.

In essence, Tess Whitty's transformative journey from a freelance translator to a reputable educator and entrepreneur reflects the passion and dedication she brings to every endeavor. Through her exceptional training programs, educational materials, and mentorship, Tess continues to shape the translation industry and inspire linguistic professionals to reach new heights of success.



On September 20th join Tess for the 2-hour online hands-on workshop. All attendees will get unlimited access to the video recording, a workbook to help participants go through these five steps, a worksheet and checklists to get participants started, plus a chance to get all their questions answered.

Do not miss out and join this virtual workshop to develop your business!

Events like these are brought to the community through the support of membership. If you are not already taking advantage of membership benefits in the world's largest community of freelance translators and interpreters, head over to the membership page at today. Membership is required to join the networking event at the end of the virtual conference.


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