Three experiences you don’t want to miss at BP

BP is an annual conference that brings translators from all over the globe together to talk about industry trends, marketing, CPD and more. And network. And have fun.

BP was a rollercoaster. One of the good ones. And getting there from Argentina made it even more of a ride, having to fight the five-hour jet lag that dawned on us as soon as we got off the plane. But that didn’t really matter, because we were there: in the beautiful Vienna, at BP18.

The talks

Each conference day took place at a different venue and had a different format (TED-style and traditional). The speakers really knew how to get to the audience and their topics sure were engaging. Their talks were exceptionally useful to get acquainted with current industry trends and raise awareness of prevailing concerns in the profession. For some of us there it was an eye-opening experience. Some of the talks were so insightful that sparked off intense debates during breaks. Marketing for language professionals was also a big topic because, well, we all gotta pay the bills, right?

The people

Being a new experience for us, everything was particularly exciting. But we are sure we were not alone in feeling this way. Everyone there seemed to be having a great time, and the many BP regulars in the crowd maybe even more: meeting old friends and acquaintances, talking to strangers, networking, it all seemed like second nature to many, who welcomed newcomers to the tradition with open arms. And it is fascinating how many people you can connect with during a coffee break. It was especially nice to find language professionals from every continent, and even some fellow translators from Argentina!

The party

Whoever said translators are a boring bunch definitely never attended BP. As the sun goes down in Vienna, the music grows louder in the bar. Before you realize, the drinks are all served, the dance floor is getting crowded, the lights go dimmer and the laughs go louder. You look around and everywhere you see people are having fun. On the dance floor a group has gathered and a colleague is showing some remarkable dancing skills, while another crowd is singing along to the music next to the DJ. The perfect way to say “See you next time, BP!”

Farewell, BP18!

Most of all, we just really want to say thank you to everyone who participated as organizers, speakers and attendees and a special thank you to Csaba for all the tremendous work you put in for making this such a rewarding experience on so many levels. Cheers to you, and hope we meet again!

And to all the ProZians out there reading this: if you ever have the opportunity to go, BP is definitely a must for any language professional looking to do some laid-back, friendly networking, while also enjoying great learning opportunities. And who knows, we might see you there!


Enrique and Tatiana, staff

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Written by Tatiana

Communications graduate and graphic designer. Part of's Member Services & Support Team.

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