Meet the speakers of the ProZ/TV event on artificial intelligence in Spanish.


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This Thursday, July 27, explore further the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on translation work on the virtual event Inteligencia artificial para traductores: herramientas para potenciar la productividad. The event is held in Spanish.

The virtual event is conducted by distinguished language professionals: Nora Diaz and Martín Chamorro. If you have not had a chance to meet Nora and Martín in person or attend their online training, you have a great opportunity to do so now! Don't miss this valuable chance to learn from these experts and expand your knowledge in the field. Secure your spot today and be part of an enriching experience that will benefit your language skills and career.


Take a moment to read about their remarkable backgrounds and expertise. You'll undoubtedly be inspired by their journey and insights.


Nora Díaz:

Nora Díaz is an English-Spanish translator and conference interpreter who enjoys using technology and finding ways to increase productivity, which combined with her love of teaching, has led her to share what she has learned through a blog, articles, webinars and workshops.

Nora is a certified RWS trainer and is the Chair of the American Translators Association Professional Development Committee. She is also one of the co-organizers of the Innovation in Translation Summit and the Innovation in Interpreting Summit.

She has co-authored a book called The Translator’s Tool Box and was recently listed as one of the Top 30 Women in the Language Industry by Multilingual Magazine


Martín Chamorro:

Martín Chamorro is an English-Spanish TCL translator (Spangenberg, 2009). He also actively participates as an organizer and speaker in professional events for translators and interpreters. His focus lies in technology applied to translation, and he avidly experiments with new developments in artificial intelligence.

Since 2012, Martín has been conducting in-person and virtual classes and talks on translation software and motivational topics for professionals and students through his project SR4T. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters (AATI).

This Thursday, join the Free ProZ/TV virtual event with Nora and Martín learn from them about the current landscape and establish some concepts related to large linguistic models (LLM). Attendees have an outstanding opportunity to get an immense number of examples of platforms and applications. We will also explore functions built into different CAT tools and applications developed specifically for translation work.

After the virtual event, come join the networking event to talk over the presentation, network, communicate, share and have fun with other language professionals.
We can't wait to see you at the event and witness the valuable connections and discussions that unfold. Until then, happy translating!

Events like these are brought to the community through the support of membership. If you are not already taking advantage of membership benefits in the world's largest community of freelance translators and interpreters, head over to the membership page at today. Membership is required to join the networking event at the end of the virtual conference.


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Helen Shepelenko

Written by Helen Shepelenko

Helen is the training manager. She has been with since 2009.

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