Use updated calculator to determine your freelancing rates

More than ten years ago, released an online rates calculator designed to help you determine the minimum rates required to meet your objectives. Together with forum discussionsthe record of average rates reported by the community, and other useful resources such as the the article "Determining your rates and fees as a translator", the rates calculator has proved to be very helpful in answering one of the questions asked more frequently by freelance language professionals: what rates should I charge for...?
For the last few weeks, a few small improvements have been made to the area:

  • Improved interface and user experience with updated page information, organization and navigation.
  • Better page performance, faster.
  • The option to save the calculated rate in your profile with one click.
  • Quick access to the tool from the job quoting form.
  • The addition of a history of calculated rates and a record of units reported through WIWO and Project history services.
  • Enabled localization of tool content so that it can be used in several languages*.
  • Enhanced appearance on different screen resolutions (including mobile).

To see the new version of the rates calculator, login at, go to the calculator page (Tools menu → tools → Rates calculator) and click on "Try the new version." at the top of the page. You will be able to go back to the old version at any time using the "Switch back to old interface" option.

If there are further improvements you would particularly like to see, please comment in the discussion in the forum post "Improving the rates calculator". Suggestions would be much appreciated.

Here are some instructions on using the calculator:

The rates calculator is available to all site users at Two links are provided below the results: the first one takes you to the rates you have entered in your profile, while the second one leads to the site-wide average rates. Rates are shown by language pair.

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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