at the Wordfast Forward Conference in Spain

Connecting with fellow translators

I had an awesome time at the Wordfast Forward Conference 2024, held at the beautiful Hotel Sunway Playa Golf & Spa in Sitges, Spain. This annual event brought together users, developers, trainers, staff, and tech support for an engaging few days of learning and networking. The best part was making great connections with fellow professional translators. The camaraderie and shared passion for our work were truly inspiring.

Yves Champollion and John DiRico at WFF24

Photo credit: Worfast LLC | Yves Champollion and John Di Rico at WFF24 

Insightful sessions and workshops

The conference theme, "Amplify & Integrate," set the stage for a series of informative sessions focusing on the latest developments in translation technology and best practices. A few highlights for me included:

Helena Moniz at WFF24

Photo credit: Worfast LLC | Helena Moniz at WFF24

Ethical challenges and responsible AI

Helena Moniz's keynote on Responsible AI was thought-provoking. She discussed the ethical implications of AI in our industry and the importance of responsible machine translation. It was enlightening to see the emphasis on creating AI that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Philippe Locquet at WFF24

Photo credit: Worfast LLC | Philippe Locquet at WFF24

Once upon a time, there were LLMs: Myths, legends & reality use cases
Philippe Locquet's session on Large Language Models (LLMs) was another standout. He debunked common myths and provided practical insights into how LLMs can enhance our translation workflows. His practical examples showed how LLMs and CAT tools could work together seamlessly.

Ruth Simpson at WFF24

Photo credit: Worfast LLC | Ruth Simpson at WFF24

Source language challenges
Ruth Simpson's presentation on improving our source language skills was both fun and educational. She shared her experiences from participating in a French game show and offered various ways to enhance our cultural and linguistic understanding as translators.

Workshops and practical sessions

Some of the most useful sessions for me were:

Reginaldo Francisco at WFF24A guided tour (full of shortcuts) through your keyboard
Reginaldo Francisco (pictured) took us on an enlightening tour of our keyboards, revealing numerous shortcuts and key combinations to boost productivity. This session was packed with practical tips that I can’t wait to implement.

PlusTools: The next generation
Jamie Lucero introduced the new PlusTools, a powerful tool for managing translation memories. His demonstration of its features, such as search/replace and filtering, was incredibly useful. I also appreciated the instructions for running the Windows-only tool on Mac and Linux. at the forefront was proud to be the gold sponsor of the event. It was a privilege to represent our amazing community, especially as we celebrate our 25th year in the online space. I had the opportunity to introduce the audience to our latest tool, Pastey, which streamlines the process of drafting translations with the power of LLMs. The positive feedback from the audience was overwhelming and reinforced my pride in being part of such an innovative and supportive community.

Tanya Quintieri at WFF24 about Pastey and ProzCom

Tanya Quintieri for at the Wordfast Forward 2024 Conference, speaking about Pastey

Networking and culinary delights

The evenings were just as engaging as the sessions, filled with networking opportunities and delicious Catalonian cuisine. I enjoyed meaningful conversations with fellow translators and industry experts, which were accompanied by seriously good food and loads of laughter. These informal interactions were invaluable, allowing us to share experiences, insights, and even a few industry jokes.

Renewed hope for our profession

I left the Wordfast Forward Conference with renewed hope for the future of our profession. The sessions and workshops provided fresh perspectives and practical skills, while the networking opportunities strengthened my connections within the industry. The focus on ethical AI and the practical applications of new technologies reassured me that our profession is evolving in a positive direction.

All attendees WFF24

Photo credit: Worfast LLC | Participants at WFF24

Join the conversation

If you attended the Wordfast Forward Conference or have been to other similar events, I’d love to hear about your experiences! What were your favorite sessions or moments? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going. #WFF24

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Tanya Quintieri | Program Manager

Written by Tanya Quintieri | Program Manager

Tanya is our Program Manager at and advocates for accountability, mindset mastery, and all things ESG.

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