Agency criteria: What freelance translators want

April 22, 2019 / by Mike Donlin

accurate-builder-equipment-1573821Recently in our Facebook group, made up of 25,000 freelance translators from all four corners of the globe, we asked them what they thought were the criteria that should entitle an agency to a ribbon.

How do you measure up?

So, in the views of our members, a good agency...



Pays on time


Pays decent rates


Makes freelancers feel part of a team


Commits to revising work before sending on to clients


Accepts responsibility for quality


Maintains an excellent communication system with freelancers


Has reasonable expectations of freelancers


Issues clear and precise briefs with every job


Sets realistic delivery times


Sets appropriate non-compete terms


Makes fair requests


Makes any in-house software easy to use


Never sets unpaid tests


Avoids group mails to multiple translators wherever possible


Distinguishes clearly between variants of same language (EN, FR, PT etc)


Applies a human touch in its dealing with freelancers


Issues clear POs for every task



How many of these boxes can your translation company check? What else might be important? Let us know here, through the forums at, or discuss in the Translators and Interpreters ( facebook group.


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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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