2021 NAETISL Inaugural Virtual Conference

This guest post was written by the National Accreditation of Educational Translators and Interpreters of Spoken Languages. NAETISL will be holding its Inaugural Conference online, from June 25-26, 2021.

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The idea of creating an organization to standardize the training and qualifications of spoken language interpreters and translators in education surfaced years ago. A small group of stakeholders finally united and in 2020, NAETISL became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  

NAETISL was created to highlight the essential work that spoken language interpreters and translators do in our early childhood and K-12 settings, and to recognize the impact of untrained interpreters in home-school connections. Our stakeholders and supporters include school representatives, independent interpreters/translators, and also emergent bilingual families.

Our mission is to establish a collective understanding of the standards, qualifications and accreditation requirements for educational translators and interpreters of spoken languages with the goal of enhancing English Learner family engagement, student achievement, and meaningful home-school connections.

Translators and interpreters in education can benefit from the multiple free resources offered on the website (https://naetisl.org/resources), a nationally-vetted code of ethics (https://naetisl.org/code-of-ethics) and a set of best practices for different working situations (https://naetisl.org/best-practices).


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In 2021, we are celebrating one year of success connecting families, schools and interpreters/translators in education with the NAETISL Inaugural Virtual Conference (https://naetisl.org/events), which includes panel discussions, live webinars and practice sessions. We are honored to partner with ProZ.com and to be able to offer ProZ.com paying members a 25% discount to attend this conference, as well as an honorary membership that will grant them discounts on future events, our quarterly newsletter Access & Inclusion, and opportunities to be part of our advocacy efforts to professionalize the field of interpretation and translation in education.


To register for the conference, visit https://naetisl.org/events, select 2021 NAETISL Inaugural Conference - Member, and state that you are a ProZ.com paying member in the registration form, along with a link to your ProZ.com profile or profile ID. Registration will close on June 23, 2021.

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Rocio Palacios

Written by Rocio Palacios

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