8 freelancer profile photo tips

If you are a freelancer, you must choose a freelancer profile photo. It is a big decision to make as it is one of the primary draws to your freelancer profile. Your photo must inspire trust and professionalism to entice high-quality clients.

Here are 8 freelancer profile photo tips to help you make the right photo choice.

  • Focus on You

128 (4)First and foremost, you want your freelancer profile photo to be of you alone. No teammates, no friends, no animals, and no access clutter should be in the photo with you. Your picture should show from just below your collarbones to a couple of inches above your head. Most importantly, remember to look at the camera and smile.

  • Recent

128 (5)Yes, this photo is all about you…currently! You want to post of photo of what you look like now, not a photo from 15 years ago. You can get away with having a photo that is a couple of years old if you haven't undergone a drastic appearance change. However, if you have cut/dyed your hair, got glasses, lost/gained a lot of weight, or have simply grown into a more mature-looking individual, it is time to update that profile photo.

  • High Resolution

When you post a freelancer profile photo, you need it to be in high resolution. Don't post a blurry or pixelated photo, but take the time to create or pay for a high-resolution photo. If you do not have a freelancer profile photo that meets the requirements above, it may be time to take another one. If that is the case, make sure to follow tips 4-8 when taking the photo.

  • No Selfies

128 (2)While the professional world is ever-evolving, selfies are not acceptable! Your profile photo should be taken by someone else (preferably a professional). Do not post a selfie!


  • Natural Light

128 (7)Harsh light can negatively affect your profile photo. If possible, you want to get a picture of your smiling face in natural light. The best place to get those is in shady outdoor areas on a sunny day!

  • Simple Background

68When taking a profile photo, you want the focus to be on you, not the background. Avoid having your photo taken on a cluttered desk or with crazy wallpaper. The best option would be to find a plain wall or a simple outdoor background.


  • Professional Attire
128 (6)

Your attire should reflect your professionalism; therefore, avoid strappy tank tops and Hawaiian shirts. If you have a company t-shirt, feel free to wear that. Otherwise, wear what you would normally wear to a meeting at work. 

For most, this is going to be professional attire (men should have a collared shirt). For the best freelancer profile photo, wear solid colors that contrast nicely against the background.

  • Be Consistent

Now that you finally have the perfect freelancer profile photo, it is time to post it! You should be consistent with your photo and use the same one to build trust across all platforms. By doing so, you will make it much easier for clients to find you, no matter what platform they use.

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of choosing the perfect freelancer profile photo, you can adjust your photo at ProZ.com. The maximum size for profile photos has been increased recently, so use that perfect photo. By making the most out of your photo, you will have more clients in no time!

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin


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