Celebrating 20 years with the ProZ.com Argentinian team

On Friday, August 30th, we met at a pancake cafe & diner in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina,to celebrate ProZ.com’s 20th anniversary. It was the first ProZ.com powwow for many of us, including the newly added staff members from the Argentinian team. We ended up being forty people —taking up more tables than planned— and we had a lot of fun!



We got to share some coffee, beer, and even a delicious bottle of wine that Joel Pina Diaz shared with the rest of attendees. Joel also donated a very special t-shirt with a lot of history, and that was one of the prizes for the powwow’s drawing. Along with Joel’s shirt, lucky winners took home ProZ.com shirts, mugs, mates, socks, and a copy of Joy Mo’s "Say Goodbye to Feast or Famine" book.




We took the chance to review attendees' profiles and see where visibility could be improved to attract potential clients. We also verified Mariana Solanet’s native proficiency in Spanish —she’s a bilingual English and Spanish speaker!— and helped PentaGroup owners to get their ProZ.com business page set up.

This powwow also offered attendees the opportunity to participate in ProZ.com’s first ever real-time translation contest. Vanesa Alvarez Ortiz, Ivana Chimento Martino and Anabella Tonon were the winners who got full access to an online course on  "Business skills for translators" for their creative translations of the phrase "Much of the difference between what is heaven and what is hell is branding". We hope it will be the first of many!

Thanks a lot to all of those who came to celebrate this anniversary with us, we can’t wait until the next get-together!


Rocio, Hayjor, Rocío, Julieta, Andrea, Ezequiel, Mariano, and the rest of the ProZ.com team.

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Andrea Capuselli

Written by Andrea Capuselli

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