Guest post: Revolutionize Your Translation Process with ChatGPT: Moving Beyond Sentence-by-Sentence Translation


I’m happy to present a guest blog post for translators and interpreters who are interested in boosting their speed and elevate their craft with the ChatGPT featuring Steven S. Bammel and Revolutionize Your Translation Process with ChatGPT: Moving Beyond Sentence-by-Sentence Translation.

Steven S. Bammel, PhD, is a seasoned technical translator specializing in Korean-to-English translation who is actively harnessing the power of AI-based tools like ChatGPT to revolutionize translation work. As the President of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc., he has nearly 30 years of experience in Korea, business, and translation fields. 

Steven earned his MS and PhD in Strategic Management from Hanyang University in Korea and a BBA in Economics from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA. He has previously worked as an in-house translator and editor for the Korean multinational corporation, LG International Corp., and has co-authored several research papers in Korean academic journals.

With a deep understanding of econometrics and statistics for the social sciences, Steven is proficient in using advanced translation tools such as Trados Studio, memoQ Translator pro, and LogiTerm Pro. His experience in integrating AI-based tools into his translation workflow has led to increased efficiency and accuracy.



Say goodbye to your conventional NMT engine subscription; ChatGPT is here to change the game. This AI-powered tool offers superior translation accuracy and naturalness compared to the competition. In many cases, translating text in batches without a CAT tool yields faster and better results.

Traditional segment-based translation, while familiar, can lead to inconsistencies and a lack of coherence. ChatGPT helps you overcome these limitations by providing high-quality translations in less time.

Issues with sentence-by-sentence translation:

  1. Loss of context: Focusing on individual sentences can cause translations to lose the original message's broader context.

  2. Inconsistencies: This method increases the likelihood of discrepancies in terminology, tone, and style.

  3. Time-consuming: The process can be slow and labor-intensive, often requiring revisions for coherence and consistency.

Benefits of incorporating ChatGPT:

  1. Improved efficiency: ChatGPT can more than double the efficiency of translation for some content types, allowing faster project completion with less effort.

  2. Enhanced quality: By considering the source material's broader context, ChatGPT generates more coherent and accurate translations, improving overall quality.

  3. Flexibility: ChatGPT adapts to various styles, tones, and subject matters, making it a versatile tool for diverse translation projects.

Best practices for using ChatGPT:

  1. Provide clear instructions: Specify requirements and preferences, such as target audience, tone, and specific terminology.

  2. Edit and review: Ensure the output meets your desired quality and style by reviewing and editing the translations.

  3. Learn from feedback: Identify recurring issues or patterns in the AI's output and adjust instructions to improve future results.

The Bottom Line: Embrace the future of translation by moving beyond sentence-by-sentence methods and harnessing ChatGPT's power. This revolutionary tool enables you to produce higher-quality translations more efficiently, transforming your work process and significantly enhancing efficiency and quality. Make the most of ChatGPT's capabilities to elevate your career.


Thanks for sharing this post with us, Steven!

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