COVID-19 related jobs can be tagged for language job postings

A jobs checkbox on with a new COVID-19 tag now enables job posters to tag their jobs as "Covid-19" and service providers to filter Covid-19 jobs. Many job posters are already using this option to connect with some of the 1 million language professionals at

COVID-19 job tag

Do you have a job related to the global pandemic? Here are the steps to post a job to the world's largest community of language professionals and language companies:

  • Click to the job posting form at
  • On the first screen, there is a button to click if this is a project including content related to COVID-19.
  • When completing your job posting, be sure to note the timing of your job in your job posting expiration and delivery deadline. Industry professionals are aware these jobs have a greater sense of urgency.

job posting requirements

And remember: not all are medical related! Many companies are issuing guidelines, health and safety directives, writing to their partners, suppliers and clients, and generally stepping up their communications at this time. And this will be just as true when countries start to emerge from the crisis.

Search language industry jobsFreelancers can search only jobs related to the crisis from the filters available on the language industry jobs search.

The jobs are also being highlighted with all language pairs at the COVID-19 Resource Center page on the site. 

Should you need help posting a job at, please let us know how we can help. Use the support system by creating a support request, or email us directly at

COVID-19 page


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