Find pharmaceutical translation professionals 

pharmaceutical translator poolA pharmaceutical translator pool has been made available at Pools™ make it easier to find and hire freelance professionals working in certain select language industry fields.

Freelancers have noted their experience with the top pharmaceutical companies, whether they are a medical professional and may be flitered based on language pairs and experience with stages of drug development such as:
  • clinical trials
  • legal
  • marketing/sales
  • regulatory approval
  • research
  • training materials
Pharmaceutical translation businesses are invited to browse the pool and connect with these freelance translators. Direct integration for sourcing is available.

View the pool, or add your profile at:

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There are now eight Pools™ available for freelancer sourcing of interpreters, subtitlers, game localizers, pharmaceutical translators, students, copywriters and CPN translators. More pools of linguists are in development.

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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