How to sell your job to freelance translators

October 18, 2018 / by Mike Donlin

arms-cheerful-coffee-1331971Do you need to find freelance language professionals for your next project?

A previous post suggested tips to get freelancer attention. Missed in that post was the need for the recruiter to make their job more appealing to translators. 

Imagine you are one of the world's top freelance translators. Think about the amount of email you receive in a day. Would you respond to every email? Probably not. More likely, you would select those most appealing to you.

That is why it is important to sell them on your job. 

Push your opportunity to to the top. Treat the candidate as a valued prospect for your team and you will receive higher quality responses from an ever-increasing number of freelancers.

Do your best to personalize the message, suggest why it would be good for their professional development and calm any worries about your payment practices. Ask yourself these simple questions surrounding these areas in your messaging (while remaining brief).



  • Do you know their name?
  • Did review their profile to make this match? 
  • Were they chosen from previous work through tools like TM-Town?  

Professional Development

  • Is the work going to be interesting?
  • Do you compliment translators through feedback?
  • Might this lead to a long term relationship?

Expect the best professionals to review relevant data on your and your LSP. Freelancers respond more to business members. They will visit your business website, find your personal profile on and places like LinkedIn, and at they will scan your BlueBoard record to gauge the risk of taking the job.

These topics have been discussed in the translation industry discussion forums about business issues.


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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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