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Looking for language professionals on for your projects? 

If you've outsourced work before on the site, then you probably have seen and even used ProZ Find to make your searches. But did you know that you can personalize your searches with many filters to find the best match?

Here are some filters that are not widely known, but can help enormously: 


main ProZ Find menu


Not everything is just translation or interpreting: from MT post-editing, to subtitling, to copywriting... if it's of interest to language professionals, you'll find it here! If it's not one of the main services, you can click on "Other", where you'll find "native language speakers", "language instruction", and more. 


Languages and language variants

Depending on the job service, you can chose to make single language searches (specially useful for proofreading, post-editing, copywriting, language instruction) or choose language pair selection.

language filtersThere's also the option to select a target language variant. Need a professional who works in Canadian French but it's not necessary for them to live in Canada*? No problem! Just head to the "Languages" section and choose the variant you need.

*If you do need someone who resides in a particular country, you can use the location filter. 




additional filters

Availability and last site activity

Need someone urgently? You can check translators and other professionals' reported availability and the last time they were online at the site.





software filters


If your agency or client requests that a certain CAT tool is used, you can look for it in the drop down menus. There's even the option to choose certifications when it comes to SDL (now Trados) products.




budget filtersBudget

If you already have an allocated budget, you can actually filter the results based on this amount. 

Note that this filter will take into account the standard rates service providers have entered, but since every job is different, be sure to contact them for a more specific quote.




In addition to these filters, if you are a Business Member, there are even more possibilities to find the best match for your projects. You can:

  • sort results by KudoZ points, best match, ratings, feedback, etc.
  • choose to see only members admitted to the Certified PRO Network
  • choose to see only people who have completed their data security procedures
  • send batch emails using the name of each recipient (more information here)
  • choose to see only people who have been pre-screened by site staff and are part of a pool (if there is a pool for the service you've chosen)

filters for business members


pre-screened filter


Now that you know all you can do with Find, why not make a quick search and let us know how it goes? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach us at

This blog post was originally published by Rocio Tempone.


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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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