Include your logo on freelancer invoices

Did you know that you can include a logo on invoices sent through Adding a logo to the invoice is one way to personalize this membership tool for your needs.

An invoice is an itemized bill for services provided. As a language professional, invoices may be required by law in your country, suggested by clients or simply used as a best practice for your business.

Since its initial launch in 2009, the invoice tool aims to help you easily create, send, and track invoices online.

Company logos can be reviewed through your invoice settings. 


To add your logo, first make sure you have a logo added to your profile. A link is available to make this adjustment from invoicing or adjust through your personal profile's photo settings (linked). This logo might be a professional creation for your business, or a distinguished photo.

StaticShot_07-05-2021_13-07-30 membership allows you to create as many invoices as needed. Non-members can use the invoice tool for up to five invoices.

This invoice signals to your client when it is time to pay, and provides the official information for paying you for services provided. Depending on your agreed upon terms, the invoice might be sent after the work is completed, or while it is in progress.

The invoice can be sent and tracked through, or downloaded so that you can send as a PDF in your external email client.
Try the invoice tool today. It is included with membership and 5 invoices are available for all registered profiles.

Other personalization settings include email templates, tax settings, number formats, payment reminders and more.

Got questions or ideas? Comment below or discuss in the forum.

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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