Meet Frank Dolce: Beyond language barriers

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Who is Frank Dolce? 

Frank Dolce, is an esteemed educator and conversation analyst, whose expertise in remote interpreting is reshaping the landscape of language services. His work focuses on how to structure successful triadic interactions and how to help interpreters build skills and cultivate community. 

He is currently serving as a key figure at Jeenie, as Frank brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, making him a sought-after voice in the field.  At Jeenie, he oversees the quality, educational and community-building operations. 

Frank is passionate about helping interpreters develop their skills and navigate the complexities of the field in today's interconnected world. That's why contacted Frank to present at the upcoming TV event "Remote Interpreting Conference", where you can learn practical strategies and insights that are directly applicable to your work as a language professional, helping you navigate the challenges of remote communication with confidence.

During his presentation, Frank will delve into the intricacies of remote interpreting, focusing on the nuanced interactions and power dynamics that are inherent to communicating with diverse clients. He'll explore the shift from the traditional role of a language conduit to that of a customer service provider and cultural clarifier, providing real-world examples to illustrate effective and ineffective practices.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Frank Dolce and other seasoned speakers!

Head over to the ProZ/TV Remote Interpreting Conference page and secure your spot. 


When? Next Thursday 16th of May at 13:00 GMT, register at:

Hope to see you there!


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Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

Written by Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

Luana is a member of's Training, Tools, and Events Team.

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