Strengthening the community: The power of powwows


What is a Powwow?

Powwows are informal gatherings of groups of users living in close proximity. The events are organized by local translators for local translators. 

By bringing together language professionals who live in close proximity, these gatherings provide a unique opportunity for people to forge meaningful connections beyond virtual interactions. Whether sharing ideas, discussing industry trends or even just enjoying each other's company, powwows facilitate genuine interactions that enrich both personal and professional lives. 

In today's interconnected world, the value of face-to-face interactions cannot be overemphasized. While virtual platforms facilitate communication across great distances, nothing can replace the authenticity and warmth of in-person connections. powwows bridge the digital realm and the real world, creating spaces where translators can come together, share stories and celebrate their shared passion for language and culture. Whether it's a cozy coffee shop meetup or a bigger event, each powwow adds to the diverse experiences of the community. 


The best thing about powwows is that everyone can organize them. Want to learn how? Watch the video recording of last week's Meetup "Translators wanna have fun: powwows" and learn how to do it!


Follow this link to watch the Meetup:


After two weeks, this video will be exclusive to Plus and Premium members, so hurry up and don't lose the chance to watch the recording video! 


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Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

Written by Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

Luana is a member of's Training, Tools, and Events Team.

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