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Are you an interpreter who wants to succeed in the world of remote interpreting? Do you want to gain the tools and knowledge you need to meet the challenges of this rapidly growing field? Then you won't want to miss the Virtual TV event for remote interpreters. is hosting a TV event not only for interpreters but for anyone who wants to diversify into this field or is interested in it.

In this conference, we will explore how the interpreting profession needs to evolve to keep pace with the challenging world we operate in, including addressing ethics, how to give effective client communication, and even how to take care of our mental health as interpreters. What are the pressing challenges now and into the future, and how do we support and sustain a meaningful and resilient language services sector?


Head over to the ProZ/TV Remote Interpreting Conference page and learn more about this upcoming TV event. 


When? Next Thursday 16th of May at 13:00 GMT, register at:

Hope to see you there!


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Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

Written by Angela Luana Zalazar Aguirre

Luana is a member of's Training, Tools, and Events Team.

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