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Have you added podcasts as a way to pass the time, or for targeted personal growth this year? If you have not done so already, I would suggest subscribing to the ProZ.com podcast hosted by head of training Paul Urwin.

Recent episodes have included discussions about success, finding your place / targets in the market, inclusive communities, industry insights, future of the industry and more. Some of the top experts in the localization industry have joined Paul including Renato Beninatto, Jan Hinrichs, Andrew Morris, Luigi Muzii, and Tess Whitty.

The ProZ.com Podcast is available on many platforms. Download this episode or subscribe at one of these:

Here are some highlights of some recent podcasts: 


In the most recent podcast, Paul and Andrew Morris had a conversation about what it means to be successful, why some people are more successful than others, and how to implement real changes in your own freelancing operations or business. The discussion also touched on what you might expect from the new ProZ.com training course "10 steps to success".


In a two-part podcast, Paul talks with the very experienced Renato Beninatto about what's going on in the translation / localization industry right now. Renato is great value, and reveals some key data, information and strategies for those looking to understand and adapt to ongoing changes. In the second episode, Renato, who shares some interesting information and opinions on the future path of the industry. He also gives some great business advice for freelance translators.


Paul talks with Jan Hinrichs, the founder of LocLunch, about
 inclusive communities, getting started, selling, industry players and how to participate in LocLunch!


Paul chats with experienced translator and trainer Luigi Muzii. Luigi shares some of his incredible journey - there's a wealth of information here about how the industry has evolved that should help you plan your path and find the right space in which to operate effectively.


Paul had a discussion with Tess Whitty regarding how translators should go about identifying, and then marketing specifically to, their target market. Tess shares some really useful tips and advice - really valuable information for any translator who struggles with this concept and the best way of going about it.

To join Paul on a future episode, send him an email at training@proz.com


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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin


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