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You may have heard of the ProZ Pro Bono program, which offers free translations to non-profits around the world, based on the sterling efforts of volunteers who are all users, and generously funded by members. 

Over the first year and a half it's grown into an initiative with dozens of clients, from the local to the global, several hundred volunteers and millions of words translated

We started small, but thanks to word-of-mouth and plenty of communication, we've begun to make a serious impact, and we're involved in some extremely worthy projects across a variety of sectors, from the environment to conflict, and from women's rights to anti-racism.

In my last piece here for, I told you about the newsletter. Now we're delighted to announce our very own blog! From thoughts and musings, and interviews with clients to explore our impact, it's all there. We have a whole bunch of posts ready to roll, and welcome guest posts by all supporters of the project too.  

Do come across and take a look. 

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 10.16.49



Topics: pro bono, skills, volunteering, non-profits, global, making a difference

Andrew Morris

Written by Andrew Morris

Coordinator, ProZ Pro Bono

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