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Here's a lightning tour of what been happening in ProZ Pro Bono recently.


Thanks to our indefatigable Ambassadors, we've taken on new clients in Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Portugal and Nigeria. Our Ambassadors are all native speakers of the languages spoken in their countries and thus have a great advantage in reaching the parts we can't otehrwise reach. 

Besides the health of the planet, our clients are looking at preserving fauna, providing sustainable development, assisting citizens with their legal rights, helping underprivileged children and even rising awareness of dental health. There's so much to be done around the world, but at least we're on the side of the people who are getting on with it...arpit-rastogi-xv7DTjnx2YQ-unsplash
Photo by Arpit Rastogi on Unsplash


Besides the vast army of diligent and professional volunteers, our work is also supported by skilled assistants fondly known as Ninjas., whether taking care of admin issues, tech queries, looking after the blog or map, or be helping out with editing and research. The Ninjas in themselves represent in microcosm the diversity that's core to the entire project, as you'll see by checking out the picture below.


Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 11.42.20



Inspired by disruptive changes often brought about by people who dare to rethink the future (and there are some notable examples amongst our clients!), we've set up our own Innovation Committee under the able and wise leadership of Claudia Brauer. We're looking forward to seeing what they come up with! One idea that's already bubbling away is innovative ways to recognise volunteer efforts...


Things are buzzing. We have our own Blog, our internal WhatsApp groups, and our very own YouTube channel featuring a growing collection of interviews with clients to assess their missions and our impact.  Not to mention a couple of great films introducing the project in general. 

Check out some of the videos here and why not subscribe while you're there?


Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 11.49.51



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Andrew Morris

Written by Andrew Morris

Coordinator, ProZ Pro Bono

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