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This Wednesday, June 21discover how to harness the power of ChatGPT to revolutionize your translation work. In this free one-hour introductory ProZ/TV event, learn techniques and strategies to enhance your workflow, maintain translation quality, and stay ahead in the translation industry.

Who this ProZ/TV event is for:

- Professional translators looking to harness the power of ChatGPT in their work
- Translation project managers seeking to improve workflows and efficiency
- Language service providers interested in staying ahead of the curve with the latest translation technology
- Students and new translators who want to learn how to integrate ChatGPT into their translation process
- Anyone interested in the intersection of artificial intelligence and the translation industry

During the ProZ/TV "Power Up Your Translation Work with ChatGPT: Enhanced Introductory Techniques for Today's Translators", Steven will share his extensive knowledge and expertise through an engaging presentation, followed by an interactive Q&A session where participants can pose their questions directly to him.


This is your chance to gain valuable insights, clarify doubts, and learn from one of the industry's finest.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to join the ProZ/TV and have your questions addressed by Steven himself. We look forward to welcoming you and engaging in a knowledge-packed session!

Steven will also tell you about the upcoming ChatGPT for Translators: A Four-Week Comprehensive AI Bootcamp 2.0 so that you can elevate your translation skills in any language! The course begins on June 26 and covers weekly themes focusing on different translator roles. 🚀

Events like these are brought to the community through the support of membership. If you are not already taking advantage of membership benefits in the world's largest community of freelance translators and interpreters, head over to the membership page at today. Membership is required to join the networking event at the end of the virtual conference.


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Helen Shepelenko

Written by Helen Shepelenko

Helen is the training manager. She has been with since 2009.

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