Get these 3 friends to review your professional profile


How much time have you spent improving your profile? Being critical of yourself it not easy for everyone. Do you need help? Get 3 friends to review your profile, but choose 3 different kinds of friends to review your profile to get more results. Find a friend in the language industry, a friend who hires people in any line of work, and a friend who loves you no matter what.

Here's why I think those 3 friends will help improve your profile.

Someone in the industry

Your friend in the industry will understand the jargon. They will be able to look at your profile and offer specific suggestions. Should your bio include writing in each of your working languages? Does your profile show you are experienced in this industry? 


Someone who hires

Your friend who hires people will be able to think from an outsourcer's perspective. They might look at your profile like a prospective client. Does your profile speak to a vendor manager? Is there something that stands out? Does anything make you unique from the other 1 million professionals at Let your friend who hires guide you to make changes that may lead to more work. 


Someone who loves you

After reviewing your profile yourself, sharing with your friend in the language industry, and sharing with someone who hires, show it to someone who loves you. Let this person tell you how great your profile is, and how special you are. I bet they will also give you a tip that will make your profile better. As long as this person is different from you, they will have new ideas - and you'll be better for it.  


Whether you take this advice, or only review your profile yourself... give your profile a glance today. Your profile on a site like is your personal brand. Take the time to make sure it reflects the best possible version of you. 

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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