3 ways ProZ.com can help with your New Year's resolutions


Did you make any resolutions for the new year? Maybe you established some personal goals for yourself in 2021. I've got three ways ProZ.com can help with your resolutions in the new year - take the time to promote yourself, start learning today, and send your invoices on time.


Take the time to promote yourself
Do not wait another day to complete or update your profile at ProZ.com. Put yourself in the role of the outsourcer. What do they see? Does your profile sell you and the best person for the job? Here are some other blog posts on profiles:

While you're at it go to the other freelancer and social media sites. Make sure your information is updated, and link those profiles to ProZ.com.

Paul Urwin Voiceover Course

Start Learning Today
Develop your skills, earn certificates and prepare yourself to do more with courses that will make you better. ProZ.com training has added many courses over the past year. Interested in adding remote interpreting, VoiceOver or project management to your talent stack? Get started today. ProZ.com training is available at https://training.proz.com

Here are some of those interesting courses:


Send your invoices on time
Send your invoices on time to get paid on time in 2021. There is no need to procrastinate when the ProZ.com invoicing tool allows you to send professional, localized invoices to your clients. Send the invoice from ProZ.com and your clients will get to an online portal where you can get paid online, download, print or comment on it. You get to manage your invoicing and payments with adaptions available for customized logos, taxes and more. Members can create unlimited invoices, while non-members can create up to 5 free.

As part of your invoice, suggest your client pay you with ProZ*Pay and you can get paid the way it works best for you. With ProZ*Pay in the middle of the action, they can send it one way (such as credit cards) and you get it your way (such as Payoneer).

Whatever your resolution, go for it! Wishing you and your business success in 2021.
Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin


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