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Logo-GTELocalize-colorGTE Localize’s Journey

GTE Localize is a global language vendor, providing translation, localization, media localization , interpretation, data collection and annotation services for all major languages in the world. In 2017, it was founded in Hanoi, Vietnam with the sole focus on Southeast Asian languages in which they have a huge competitive edge of culture understanding and reasonable high-quality resources.

As the company continued growing and expanding, they saw a great demand for other major European and South American languages translations. With insights into the localization industry and a growing network of talented native linguists around the world, GTE Localize constantly increases their production capacity for all major languages in Asia, Europe, and South America.

GTE team office

Now they have three offices: the headquarters in Vietnam and two branch offices in Singapore and the United States.  As of February 2021, they have a team of 40 full-time staffs (Project Managers, In-house Linguists, Account Managers, Localization Engineers and Developers) and a deep network of 1200 freelance linguists.


Goals and Missions

GTE Localize aims to become the trusted partners of other LSPs for European, South American, and especially Asian languages so that whenever an LSP has demand for these major languages, they will think of GTE Localizeas having regional insights and capacity but with global standards and professionalism.



As an ISO 9001:2015 certificated company, GTE Localize provides high-quality translation and localization services for a wide range of industries, from Life-science, Business, Legal, Manufacturing & Engineering to IT & Software and Education. They have a pool of over 1200 experienced native linguists and 10 in-house linguists who are also subject-matter experts in their fields to handle translation and localization projects for numerous language pairs.

G-One: GTE's Technology for a more efficient workflow

image017GTE Localize has their own management system called G-One to create a smooth and efficient workflow:

  • TMS: to record all project details systematically & assign the jobs to In-house linguists/freelancers automatically.
  • Vendor Portal: for freelancers to update their profiles, receive and deliver jobs, create invoices.
  • CRM: to monitor relationship with potential and existing clients.
Quality assurance

If a client orders a Translation Only project, it will be translated by an Editor and another step will be automatically added – spot QA check. For big projects or projects from key clients, they also include an internal LQA round by a third linguist. The cost of the spot QA check or the internal LQA round is absorbed by GTE Localize (not clients) with the aim of bringing clients with the best quality translations.

Deadline compliance

On G-One, they have a deadline dashboard for PM, Sales and In-house translators to track and follow deadlines efficiently. The dashboard is the very first thing the team sees when opening G-One. Two hours before the deadline, the project’s color turns yellow as a reminder of the upcoming deadline.

Punctuality is part of GTE Localize's ADN, and it starts with the recruitment step. All candidates must be punctual for interviews and other meetings to be qualified for the jobs. This, along with all QA steps, is to ensure clients receive the best value for what they have spent.


Potential Collaborators 

GTE Localize expects to reach new potential clients by using They target two groups of clients on the site:

  • Global agencies who want to outsource a part of their languages (especially Southeast Asian languages) to agencies that can bring good value for money with high-quality services at a quite regional level of cost.
  • Regional or local agencies who want to outsource some languages they cannot cover. 

If you'd like to collaborate with GTE Localize, feel free to drop them a line!

Become part of their team

GTE Localize's VM team uses on a daily basis to seek for new talented linguists to work on specific projects as well as expand their database. What they expect from the translators is their enthusiasm, responsibility, and punctuality. When looking for a candidate, the VMs check speciality, rates, experiences, feedback entries, and how they market themselves in the bio section as it shows their ways of using/playing with words and languages. Here's a blog post to help you update your profile!

Check their posted jobs on GTE Localize's business page and if you qualify to send your Blue Board applications here (note that you'll be able to see them in the list of outsourcers if you meet the requirements to send your application). You can also send your CV to if your language pairs include Asian, European, and South
American languages.

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