How skill stacking can help you provide complete service to clients [video]

In the recent International Translation Day event at, Daniel Coria took part in a "How to get more clients" panel (along with Martina Russo and Stephen Rifkind). One concept that Coria mentioned, that of "skill stacking", definitely struck a chord with Head of Training Paul Urwin.

So Paul created a video.

Originally shared by Urwin on LinkedIn, I found it might be worthwhile included here as well. Why? When it comes to getting more clients, I suggest new members specialize and founder Henry Dotterer explains best here "To win jobs online - specialize!"

Of course many find success through diversification... so how might that work?

In this short video, Urwin talks about the difference between diversification and skill stacking and how the latter can really help you to provide a complete service to your clients.

Finally, a question for you to ponder. Are you a specialist, do you diversify or are you developing your own skill stack? What works best?

Whether looking to specialize or skill stack, be sure to check out the training options at



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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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