Strategies to stand out on freelancer websites


There are millions of freelancers out there, and over 1 million registered at, likely with thousands within your language pairs; how can you compete? One of the top methods successful freelancers use to create a viable business is by creating a standout profile on freelancer websites. 

How do they do this? Here are some strategies for standing out from the crowd.

Complete Profile

When it comes to creating a standout profile on freelancer websites like LinkedIn, Upwork, and, your profile must first be complete. Use a current, professional photo of just you looking into the camera. From there, you will see to fill out the content. Your goals are you address the questions clients want answers to, highlight keywords, and stay on-brand with yourself and your business.


Why You?

When completing your profile, you need to make the client understand why you are the right person for the job. It is vital to highlight why you stand above the crowd, what makes you different than every other candidate. You also want to mention your career achievements. For both, use examples, and if applicable to your job, use numbers or metrics to back you up. 

An example would be, “I translated a restaurant menu that resulted in a 10% increase in gross revenue.” 

Just remember that even though you are writing about yourself, you want to slant everything to demonstrate how you will benefit the client.

Be Straightforward, Not Boring

When creating the content for your profile, you want to write in a straightforward but not boring way.

First, ditch the fluff. Only use language that explains directly what you do.

Second, be unique. Don't use the same traits like "quick learner" or "detail-oriented" like everyone else.

Third, have an eye-catching title or tagline. It would be best if you had a hook, and your title is the first thing a client will see besides your picture. Don't just write "translator" in your bio or as your tagline, but something interesting like "Expert Translator Ready to Rev Your Business" or “Hip Hop Music Expert”. 

Learn from Others

One of the best strategies you can perform is to learn from others. Research the top-rated or most successful freelancer profiles in your field and mimic what they do (mimic, DON'T COPY). 

Essentially, you can use their profile as a template and modify it to suit your content. You can also learn what NOT to do from freelancer profiles that are not successful.


Use Your Reviews

Lastly, use your reviews to your best advantage. People often trust opinions about your work more than your own. If you are new, offer free work to friends and family in exchange for positive feedback. After you get a few client reviews, integrate them into your profile if the platform doesn’t do it already. offers feedback areas on personal profiles (willingness to work again) and businesses can receive reviews (likelihood of working again for given outsourcer) on the Blue Board


Stand Out on

Are you looking to make your profile stand out on, I’d suggest that you read this guide to updating your profile. ProZ is a freelancer website designed specifically for translators and interpreters to connect with clients worldwide using our top-line software and resources.

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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