26 hours of interpreter training added to ProZ.com Plus membership

Interpreter training

26 hours of interpreter training has been added to the basket of goods, services and resources available with the ProZ.com Plus membership subscription.

As discussed in this year's language services industry report, many interpreters are getting involved in translation. And even more translators are getting involved in interpreting.

In 2017, ProZ.com began, through its partnerships, providing direct paid work for those in the remote interpreting world. Support, project management, and payments are handled by the ProZ.com team in order to facilitate this work and to keep up the quality and consistency of the service provided. In 2022, the average earning from this single channel of work was 2,791 USD among those interpreters who were working. The ProZ.com team intends to increase that average while increasing the incoming work and the number of interpreters who are getting work.

In providing consistency and quality in the service delivered, the ProZ.com team screens interpreter candidates. They have also put together some basic training for interpreters, to provide enabling qualifications for work (for example, HIPAA certification for interpreters working in healthcare) which would otherwise come out of the interpreter's pocket (and training and certification can cost a pretty penny depending on where you look). As of today, nearly 30 hours of training content has been either created or curated by the team for this purpose. More is expected to be added moving forward. If you are considering interpreting or just getting yourself set up as an interpreter, this content may be of use to you (and possibly save you some money too). For this reason, the training material has been made accessible to Plus members as part of your subscription.

See more at https://go.proz.com/plus-training.


Interpreter training

If you are already working as an interpreter, and are interested in more work, the team is now actively searching for interpreters in Hmong, Karen, Ukrainian, and Cantonese. Details and updates on languages needed can be seen at https://go.proz.com/become-an-interpreter

If you are a ProZ.com member working in interpreting, and not already a member of the ProZ.com interpreter pool, apply to join, using the "Apply" option at the top left of the pool. Take a few minutes to fully fill out the application, which 1) makes screening faster, and 2) helps build your Pool profile. Remember, your profile in any ProZ.com pool is your chance to showcase what you have to offer clients seeking professionals in that specific field or line of work, so investing some time in making your presentation complete and tailoring it to your intended audience is important.

If you are not already a ProZ.com paying member, it's never been easier to invest in your freelance business and get more out of that investment. For a short time, there are special discounts not just on membership, but on training courses and software too. See your choices at https://go.proz.com/2022



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Jared Tabor

Written by Jared Tabor

Jared oversees Member services at ProZ.com. An ex-language teacher, he has lived and worked in Argentina since 1996. He has been with ProZ.com through the La Plata office since 2007. You can follow him on Twitter, @taboredinc .

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