Exploring the world of audiovisual translation with Jorge Díaz-Cintas

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In the dynamic field of audiovisual translation (AVT), few names stand out as prominently as Jorge Díaz-Cintas. With a career spanning decades, Jorge has been at the forefront of transforming how we experience translated content on our screens.

This blog post is based on the interview that Jorge Díaz-Cintas gave to ProZ.com, where he shared his valuable insights and experiences in the field of audiovisual translation.

A journey from Spain to the UK

Jorge's journey began in Spain, where he completed his studies before moving to the UK in 1989. His early career saw him teaching Spanish as a foreign language and working at the European Parliament as a translator. However, his true calling emerged when he stumbled upon the world of subtitling. Despite having no prior experience, Jorge embraced the opportunity and quickly fell in love with the craft.

The evolution of subtitling and AVT

The late 80s and early 90s were pivotal times for AVT, with the digitization of the image and the advent of DVDs. London, a hub for audiovisual translation, became Jorge's new workplace, where he contributed to subtitling various projects. His academic pursuits also aligned with his professional interests, leading him to work on his PhD focused on the subtitling of Woody Allen's films into Spanish.

Jorge's contributions were not limited to practice but extended into academia as well. He developed the first master's program in audiovisual translation in the UK, a legacy that continues to thrive. His efforts have inspired many students and professionals worldwide, fostering a new generation of AVT experts.


The landscape of AVT has undergone significant changes over the years. In his interview, Jorge reminisces about the days when subtitling was a cottage industry, with expensive equipment and limited accessibility. Today, technological advancements have democratized the process, allowing more people to engage in subtitling with user-friendly software and cloud-based solutions.

The rise of OTT platforms and new opportunities

The rise of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ brought about a surge in demand for audiovisual translation. Jorge notes that this boom extends beyond entertainment, touching sectors like legal and financial translation. The integration of machine translation and memory tools is revolutionizing the industry, promising enhanced consistency and efficiency in long series and complex projects.

Audiovisual translation encompasses a wide range of practices, from subtitling and dubbing to voice-over and access services for people with sensory disabilities. These diverse methods are crucial in making content accessible to global audiences. The field continues to evolve, adapting to new trends and technologies while maintaining a commitment to high-quality translation.

A legacy of excellence

Jorge's dedication to AVT is evident in his extensive contributions to both practice and academia. His programs at the University of Roehampton, Imperial College, and UCL have set a benchmark in the field, inspiring many to follow in his footsteps. His influence extends globally, with professionals and institutions seeking his guidance to develop their AVT capabilities.


Jorge Díaz-Cintas's journey in audiovisual translation is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and innovation. His work has not only advanced the field but also made it more accessible and inclusive. As AVT continues to grow and evolve, Jorge's legacy serves as a guiding light for future generations of translators and scholars.

On June 6, join Jorge to learn more about AVT in his workshop "An Introduction to Audiovisual Translation" and discover fundamental concepts of audiovisual translation from one of the world's leading experts.


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