Last campaign prize drawing: these are the winners

The 2021 year-end membership campaign, Stay safe, ended last week. (What? You missed it? Send me a line and we'll figure something out). After three full weeks of intense work, sixteen staff members involved, and great conversations with new and returning members, the largest community of language professionals just got bigger. Thank you, members, once again for your support!

What's next? Well, first announcing the winners of the last campaign prize drawing: 

Congratulations to all of them, and to the winners of the previous drawings!

And then, inviting everyone to sign-up for the upcoming free webinar on "Meeting clients at". This webinar will show you how to apply the winning strategies, and includes a workshop portion, in which participants can receive customized help from a member of staff.

Register now »

Thanks again to those who have made the decision to keep their businesses safe no matter what this new year brings, and they did so by investing in membership. You make possible and we, staff, couldn't be happier for having the opportunity to serve you.

Happy rest of the week!


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Lucía Leszinsky

Written by Lucía Leszinsky

Lucia Leszinsky is an English and Spanish writer, translator, voice talent and story-teller. She's been working as part of the site team for over fifteen years, communicating with members, developing new features and helping industry players to get the most out of the profession.

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