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April 16, 2020 / by Mike Donlin

StaticShot_14-04-2020_15-28-27Jobs posted by business members will now also appear on Facebook via the new Translation Jobs page. All members of the language community are invited to like or follow the page to receive updates.

Presently, all jobs with the COVID-19 tag are appearing there. Soon, this offer will be extended to all business members.

Translations, interpreting and other language-related jobs are posted at, the translation workplace. 

You will see all jobs on the Facebook page regardless of whether your qualifications match. Note, once you click on the link to view the job, your access to quote on the job or contact the job poster may be limited based on your profile or membership status.
Note, there are some Facebook tricks to making sure you keep seeing these jobs in your feed:
  • Engage with the posts, click on the links to go back to or make a comment about the job
  • Like or otherwise react to the posts
  • Adjust your news feed preferences
Remember to check your job notifications to make sure you are getting updates on all jobs available at

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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