International Translation Day 2022 live video event features 34 free presentations and 2 members-only networking events

Join the community in celebrating International Translation Day with two full days of online sessions, panel discussions, live interactions and more. Each day, the events will include a remote networking session in the final hour.

ITD 2022 Day 1 Invitation

The live broadcast content featuring 22+ hours of content from 34 presentations is free for all to watch from any device in multiple destinations. Links are available from, any page on the site and the Facebook page. Sessions will be recorded and available on the site for 72 hours for all, 7 days for all standard members and permanently available for plus members through the video library.

Sessions include panels on audio visual translation, interpreting, translation grades, marketing strategies for translators, and game localization.

The full, still tentative, program schedule and times for your time zone can be found at:


Day One
September 28


"Personal satisfaction – defining success, taking action and filtering noise" - Stephen Rifkind
"Delivering localization effectiveness with global content readiness and content operations" - Bruno Hermann
"Audiovisual Translation: Developments, Challenges and Opportunities in 2022" - Panel of Rafa Lombardino, Jorge Diaz-Cintas, Ken Lorber, Molly Yurick, Hayjor Roca
"Hidden Gems in Trados Studio" - Nora Diaz
"My Story / Short Video" - Kelsey Frick
"Not just Linkedin: a different look at how translators can use social media" - Isabella Nanni
" industry report for freelance translators and interpreters, 2022" - Jared Tabor
"An Industry Evolves" - Renato Beninatto
"Interpreting: Panel Discussion" - Giovanna Lester, Josh Goldsmith, Maha El-Metwally
“What if I don’t find any jobs?” – Addressing Freelancer Fears" - Adrian Probst
"Digitizing Indigenous Languages" - Sue Ellen Wright
"Essential Non-translation skills for translators and how to acquire them" - Rita Pang
"Cultural Humility in Practice for Interpreters and Translators: When Cultural Competence is not Enough" - Grecia Cruz
"Trauma Informed Interpreting and Vicarious Trauma" - Ludmila Golovine
"Finding ways through the maze: how clients and professionals meet at" - Lucia Leszinsky
"Tips for setting up your computer for remote interpreting" - Tony Gao

Networking session Day 1 - signup here

Day 2
September 29


"Ebb and flow – dealing with workload fluctuation" - Bettina Röhricht
"Multilingualism in Africa, and its cultural impact on communication" - iVoiceAfrica
"Gender-inclusive translations" - Charlotte Marti
"Trados Training Part 2" - Trados Studio
"My Story: Stefan Paloka" - Stefan Paloka
"From Quality to Productivity: why Useful is the key word" - Claudia Brauer
"The Composition of the Interpreter Workforce" - Enrique Manzo
"How to get calls on Boostlingo through" - María Florencia Vita
"Translation Grades: A potential solution for the industry"- Panel of Ludmila Golovine, Alan Melby, Carrie Fisher, Arle Lommel, Jost Zetzsche
"Marketing Strategies for Translators in 2022: Panel Discussion" - Panel of Tess Whitty, Martina Russo, Belinda Fischer, Lauren Bordon
"Advocating with Language Access for Social Change" - Panel of Craig Carter-Edwards, Nicole Anichini, Nicole Fiorillo, Dr. Elaine Gold
"Getting paid with Cryptocurrency - Getting started, choosing a service and spending your money" - Mike Donlin
"The mistakes we have made" - Panel of Tanya Quintieri, Peter Bowen, Daniel Coria
Panel: The mistakes we have made Peter, Tanya, Daniel
"Game Localization in the 2022 Asian marketplace: Panel Discussion" - Panel of Rita Pang, Alfred Lu, Christian Manley, Jemma Louise Stafford
"Five questions you should ask throughout your freelance career" - Ana Sofia Correia
"The fight against language violence: a session with Respond Crisis Translation" - Ariel Korea and Meryl Ranzer
"Community Management for Localization teams" - Gaia Celeste

Networking session Day 2 - signup here

Attendees at the International Translation Day event can earn up to 10 ATA CE Points. Participants may earn points by logging their time at during the live hours.

See you there!

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