Find your way through the maze at the's annual conference's 14th annual online conference to celebrate International Translation Day is happening soon. If you have created an account at with the objective of meeting clients, don't miss the session "Finding ways through the maze: how clients and professionals meet at" on September 28th. ITD2022

The directory

“The directory” refers to the directory of freelance professionals, the most popular in the translation industry, and the primary means that clients use to find linguists at This is how it works:

  1. The client opens the directory page and starts a search by selecting different criteria (languages, services, expertise,  credentials, availability, software, client feedback, etc.) 
  2. Results are presented to them in two sets: members first. These two sets are, in turn, ordered by KudoZ points. What is KudoZ? »
  3. The client opens and reviews profile pages, and contacts the service providers that best suit their needs.

Key to show in a prominent directory position: a good, complete profile with membership. Edit profile »

Job postings jobs are job advertisements posted by businesses or individuals that may have a budget or want to collect quotes and CVs. This is how job postings work:

1. The client completes a job posting form where they select job criteria (service, field, volume, native language requirement, location, credentials, etc.)

2. If professionals are interested in the offer, they submit a quote using the quoting method specified by the poster (online quote, direct email, URL, other).

3. The client reviews quotes (members' quotes are listed first) and selects the ones that best suit their needs.

Key to getting your job quote selected: keep your profile complete, subscribe to job notifications to receive email alerts as soon as offers are posted and be the first to quote, and send brief quotes with relevant details. How to write an effective job quote »

Other job opportunities

There are other job-related services at that freelancers can use to stand out and clients can resort to to find suitable language professionals. Pools, for example, groups pre-screened language experts from the industry's database. Blue Board applications lists outsourcers who are accepting applications from service providers. TM-Town, a service acquired by in 2016, offers a matching system that uses technology to study work done previously by a language vendor. Cloud jobs (by Textra) and Boostlingo --both partners-- offer site members the possibility of receiving job offers on other platforms, translation jobs in the case of Textra, interpreting assignments via Boostlingo.

Key to all these: a complete and professional-looking profile.  Check the profile completion guide » ITD2022

Join ITD2022

A lot more will be presented and discussed during the "Finding ways through the maze" presentation. Come and learn more about job-related services, how clients use these and what you can do to meet them. 

And don't forget to check the conference program. There are more than thirty (30) different sessions on localization, CAT tools, cryptocurrency, marketing, quality, productivity, gender, multilingualism, interpreting, AVT, you name it!

All live broadcast content is free for everyone to watch from any device at multiple destinations.

Join to Celebrate International Translation Day 2022 »


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Lucía Leszinsky

Written by Lucía Leszinsky

Lucia Leszinsky is an English and Spanish writer, translator, voice talent and story-teller. She's been working as part of the site team for over fifteen years, communicating with members, developing new features and helping industry players to get the most out of the profession.

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