Gaining confidence with outsourcers

15306027For language freelancers looking to attract new clients and outsourcing work online, building trust is crucial. With many professionals to choose from on freelancing platforms, outsourcers want to feel confident they are hiring someone reliable and skilled.

Here are some key ways to establish trustworthiness right from the start:

📷 Use a Professional Profile Photo 
A clear, friendly headshot as your profile picture goes a long way. This helps put a face to your name and comes across as more credible than an avatar or impersonal image. Smile and opt for a simple background so the focus is on you. If you do not have access to a professional photographer, there are tools out there that can use artificial intelligence to turn your photo into a professional headshot

👤 Go With Your Full Name
Many outsourcers may be hesitant to work with freelancers using just a username or going only by first name. Use your full, real name on your freelancer profile to build transparency and appear more authentic and accessible.  Providing your full name also gives prospective outsourcers to find you elsewhere.  

💼 Showcase Prior Project Work
One of the best ways to demonstrate your capabilities is to share samples of your prior project work - at this is called your project history. Create a robust portfolio highlighting your skills and experience. This provides proof you can deliver quality results.

🏆 Highlight Client Testimonials
Similarly, positive reviews and testimonials from past clients go a long way in displaying your reliability and talent. Ask satisfied clients to leave feedback endorsing your work.

🔎 Be Detailed in Your Profile
A freelancer profile with sparse details and minimal information raises red flags for outsourcers. Craft a comprehensive profile providing an overview of your background, areas of expertise, process for working with clients, and anything else relevant. 
🚅 Respond Promptly
From the first contact, be diligent about responding promptly to any inquiries or messages from potential outsourcers. Responsiveness signals you are active, reliable, and respectful of others' time.

👩‍💼 Maintain Professionalism 
Every interaction, whether instant messages, phone interviews, or video meetings, is an opportunity to exemplify professionalism. Be polite, properly formatted, punctual, and deliver high-quality work at all stages.

🌟 Provide Additional Social Proof
To further bolster your credibility, link to other professional profiles like LinkedIn from your main freelancer page. This allows outsourcers to see your background, connections, endorsements and recommendations all in one place for cohesive social proof of your experience. Show you are an active member of the language community and proud of your work by including links to professional profiles like your profile in your email signature and other places as well.

15304490By optimizing your freelancer presence with an established identity, proof of competency, and professionalism, you can steadily build the trust and credibility outsourcers seek. With trust as a foundation, you'll be better positioned to attract quality projects and develop rewarding client relationships. interactions between freelancers and outsourcers take place in many areas of the site. You might also gain confidence from community activities like winning contests, answering KudoZ questions, being a thought leader in the forum, or providing training to community members. 


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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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