Parenting, communities, how to get new clients, SDL Trados 2021 and inside the mind of a translator on day two of ITD 2020

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Join for the second day of a free live event on October 1 to celebrate International Translation Day. ITD 2020 streams live through and its social media platforms starting at 9:55 GMT on Thursday.
View the complete schedule and watch the event here >>>

Eleven more sessions will take place on the second day - making 22 for the 2-day event. Here are some highlights. head of training Paul Urwin provides the welcome and introduces the audience to the second day.

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The first panel discussion led by founder Henry Dotterer features a group of top-level experts "The Future of Communities in Our Industry". The panel will ask and answer the questions: What does the future hold for the different communities that make up the “industry”? Are we facilitating inclusive networking for all parties, enabling everyone to share their ideas and contribute to the discussion? Also, what can be done to improve the current situation?

Paul Urwin and Andrew Morris engage in a discussion about "Startups" in the second session of the day. In this session they discuss some key ideas about launching a new project or business – how to learn, how to market and how to grow.

Nicole Loney takes over in at 12:00 GMT to present "A beginner's guide to SDL Trados Studio 2021". This brief introduction walks through the Studio 2021 user interface and its enhancements, shows how to create and add Translation Memory and Termbase, get started with Auto Suggest 2.0 and Machine translation (MT) and saving your translated file.

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In "How to Get New Clients" experienced translation professionals (Stephen Rifkind, Martina Russo and Daniel Coria) provide tips and concrete advice on getting new clients and working successfully with both direct clients and agencies, as well as sharing some of their real-life stories. If you’re a freelance translator and would like to find out how to get more clients for your business, then this session will not disappoint. Stick around to the end for a live Q&A, a fantastic opportunity to ask the panel any customer-acquistion-related questions! Platform Manager Lucía Leszinsky discusses current topic "Working from home and parenting: two full-time jobs or one whole-time nightmare". The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is changing our lives in one way or the other. Balancing work and home life has forced some of us to adjust to a new rhythm where the division between parenting and work is blurred and new challenges arise every day. This session will present worldwide statistics related to parenting in pandemic times, share ideas to keep kids entertained to get work done, and tips to keep kids and yourself healthy --physically and mentally-- these days.


Mustafa Mahmoud presents on how culture plays a role in translation, and how a translator can maintain the cultural references in the target text. His talk is titled "Inside the Mind of a Translator: A Challenging but Possible Task".


The final panel is "Branding as an LSP". In this panel, CEOs and branding experts discuss how important branding is when it comes to the success of a business. Join them as they discuss how brands are born and evolve, and how branding and marketing strategies have changed as a result of the pandemic. Ludmila Golovine of MasterWord Services, Inc, Samantha Reiss of Lilt, Marina Ilari of Terra Translations and co-host of the podcast about translation, En Pantuflas, and Andrew Thomas of SDL comprise the panel. ITD 2020The final phase of the day is a "Networking session" open to members. For the first time, International Translation Day includes remote networking sessions for members to meet colleagues and peers from your home right after the conference is over.

The two-day event will be available on demand for a limited time at

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