Celebrating 25 Years of ProZ.com with a Powwow

Strengthening the ProZ.com community: The power of powwows

What is a ProZ.com Powwow?

Powwows are informal gatherings of groups of ProZ.com users living in close proximity. The events are organized by local translators for local translators. 

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AI Revolution: Navigating challenges and opportunities


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a distant future, but a present reality that is reshaping the world as we know it. AI is transforming various industries and sectors, including the language service industry. Will you stay behind? 

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Shaping the Future: ProZ.com's Mentoring Program 2.0

Hello, vibrant ProZ.com community! I’m Tanya Quintieri, and I’m thrilled to be leading the ProZ.com Mentoring Program 2.0. My journey in the ever-evolving and never-dull language industry started in 2002 as a freelance translator, working with direct clients exclusively. At the time, I didn’t know translation agencies existed, and to this day, the agencies I work with are few and far between.

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Music to translate to: a collaborative playlist


Some need absolute silence while working. It might also depend on the job, or the part of the job. For some, they work best when the music is just right.


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Video: ProZ.com membership benefits

Professional membership puts ProZ.com to work for you as a marketing tool that helps freelancers connect with outsourcers - even when you are not working.

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Networking for language freelancers in a globalized world

ProZ.com and other translation workplaces have been created based on the premise that translators will be willing to cooperate if given the appropriate tools and opportunities. At ProZ.com, there are several areas where you can establish relationships with colleagues and potential clients and share experiences:

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Meet the companies participating in the ProZ.com Job Fair - Part 3

With the ProZ.com virtual fair on December 30 at 12 PM GMT fast approaching, it's time to meet more businesses and read what advice they can give to freelancers when approaching a translation agency for collaboration. 

Don't forget to register for the fair »

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Meet the companies participating in the ProZ.com Job Fair - Part 2


What better way to prepare for the ProZ.com virtual fair on December 30 at 12 PM GMT than by meeting more businesses and learning about their advice for freelancers who'd like to cooperate with them?

Kick off your shoes for a couple of minutes and dive right in! Don't forget to register for the fair »

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Meet the companies participating in the ProZ.com Job Fair - Part 1

This December 30 at 12 PM GMT, ProZ.com will be having its first virtual job fair, where Plus subscribers will be able to network with over 25 businesses' representatives and give them their CV or ProZ.com profile links. 

As a way to prepare for the job fair, we asked some of them about their mission and some DO's and DON'Ts  for freelancers when applying to projects. Keep on reading for their answers!

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Everything you need to know about CAT tools in video game localization

The second Video Game Localization Meetup took place on July 29. Sara Rodríguez and Guillermo Umpiérrez from the Terra Localizations team dove into how CAT tools are used within the video game localization industry and gave attendees some tips and at the end one lucky member won a memoQ license. 

Like last time, there was a myriad of questions and our speakers couldn't answer all of them. But don't worry, we'll get to them right here and now:

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7 questions from the first Video Game Localization Meetup answered

Last year, ProZ.com launched a new service called Meetups for members to engage in online networking during this new normal where networking in person became nearly impossible. 

This year,  ProZ.com teamed up with Terra Localizations to bring you a series of Meetups about game localization. Divided in six levels, the first one —open to members and non-members took place on June 24.

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ProZ.com 101: a glimpse of the translation workplace

Are you new to the translation industry? Would you like to work as a translator, but you are unsure about how to get started? Do you have questions about ProZ.com, the platform, the community, the tools available? Then this post is for you. Just keep the following in mind, and you'll find your way in the ProZ.com translation workplace in no time:


« ProZ.com is different than what you may be expecting »


The following questions and answers will show you why.

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ProZ.com web widgets: giving clients a quick access to you

A web widget is an independent application that can be embedded into a web-page, blog, or profile on a social media site and that will enable the display of information (your client feedback) or the call for an action ("Follow me").

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Join Elia's Together event with a special discount for the ProZ.com community

Together is an annual two-day event from Elia, the European Language Industry Association, where language service companies and independent professionals convene for open dialogue on industry trends, to learn mutually-relevant new approaches, to update technical skills and, ultimately, develop lasting relationships to serve our end clients better. 

With Together 2021 taking place on February 24-26, there are many reasons to join, from excellent networking opportunities to gaining a new perspective on the industry. One of the most compelling reasons to not miss out is the carefully crafted programme, which covers all the topics you want to know more about.

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