The people behind Kodi Dotterer


It's time for another in our series of posts introducing you to the people behind

The face may be unfamiliar, but you’ll probably recognize the surname. Kodi Dotterer is of course the son of founder Henry Dotterer, who always describes as a family anyway…

Kodi is helping out with the programming and a variety of small dev tasks and coding assignments at But this is not his first work experience – that was as a landscape gardener – he’s clearly versatile!

His academic leanings are definitely towards the technical side of things and his plans are to study science at college. Rather than languages, although he can speak some Japanese – handy for when he meets his grandfather back in Japan.

But his real passion is for junior hockey, which he practices regularly, with morning trainings for up to three hours a day. Maybe we’re looking at a future sports star in the making…




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Andrew Morris

Written by Andrew Morris

Coordinator, ProZ Pro Bono

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