What is SEO and what is it for?


SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a cluster of practices and techniques for increasing the quality and quantity of visits of a website or a web page by targeting search engine users. Over half of all website traffic comes from organic search —that means, traffic from search engines that you aren’t paying for. In Google alone, 63,000 searches are conducted per second.

SEO settings affect not only how you show up on ProZ.com, but how (and if) you appear on search engines.


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A ProZ.com overview: Some of the site's most popular features

Serving the world's largest community of translators, ProZ.com delivers a comprehensive network of essential services, resources and experiences that enhance the lives of its members. What are some of the site's most popular features?

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Profile picture, name, and tagline: why they matter

Looking for a translator within a platform with over a million users can be difficult, and standing out from the crowd can be seen as an impossible task. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your possibilities to meet new clients within ProZ.com that do not take too much time or effort.

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Pages are for businesses, profiles for individuals

ProZ.com recently added business pages to the platform. This change brings ProZ.com more in line with similar platforms where businesses are displayed differently from employees.

So from now on at ProZ.com, profiles are for people, pages are for businesses.

This might be new to some businesses whose company identity was often shared among many employees. Every employee is now invited to build their own profile, for a unique identity. Each confirmed employee will also be able to perform actions on behalf of the business.  

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Find translation agencies and companies for your next language project

The Translation company and agency directory at ProZ.com is the industry's busiest directory for finding language service companies. Over 50,000 language service providers (LSPs) have a searchable profile in the directory and are searched many times each day. 
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More than 20,000 industry players have already tried ProZ.com Mobile

Since its release in 2016, ProZ.com mobile for Android and iOS has already been installed and tried by more than 20,000 translators, interpreters, clients and others in the language industry --22,792 to be precise!

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4 tips to stand out in the Game Localizer pool

The best game localizers are applying to earn a place in this pool. There's nothing like it out there.

Below you will find some tips to get your application going in no time.


Apply to the Game Localizer pool


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English to Turkish was top language pair search in February

Searches of English to Turkish topped the language pair searches in the ProZ.com directory of translators and interpreters for February 2018. 

The directory allows anyone looking for linguists to search by source and target language and to narrow the search by service type, field of expertise, location, country, credentials, keywords, availability and more. 
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Find translation agencies and companies on business member map

A translation agencies and companies list page, displaying business members on a world map, is available at ProZ.com.

ProZ.com business members map

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How do translation companies get more work on the platform?

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